Banking Solutions

DCS Telecom’s solutions for banks are specially designed and tailored in a way to meet the highest technology standards and to provide four main standards:

  • Security,
  • Reliability,
  • Flexibility,
  • and Affordability

By supporting the latest information and communication technology in our network, our professionally designed and implemented information systems and connectivity services enable financial institutions to provide their customers with the highest levels of service as thousands of transaction orders are placed every minute, exchange rates change by the hour and stock prices fluctuate with the latest news. DCS’s solutions include high-quality VSAT networks, Remote ATMs, wired and wireless secure network, inter and intra-bank voice and video exchange, physical security systems, data center, and on top of all this our superior 24/7 technical support.
DCS’s VSAT Banking Solutions is specially tailored for banks to provide a robust and secure private network between the main office and the remote branches. The features include:
     • Private Network between HQ and all branches by using professional VPN systems for security between all points
     • Connection to the Internet with ability to control access
     • High performance rugged connectivity equipment
     • 100% allocated, dedicated bandwidths
     • Access to 17 satellites with strong coverage over Africa / Europe / Asia / LATAM / North America / Australia
     • Use of three Earth Stations in Europe / USA / and UAE, with Link availability of 99.9%
     • Continuous 365x24x7 monitoring by and customer support
     • On-site installation and maintenance

For a sample of how our system can connect the bank branches and ATM machines securely CLICK HERE. and if you need any further information or you need to discuss your special connectivity requirements with one of our professional technical engineers please get in touch with one HERE 
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