CGG extends VSAT connectivity for five years

CGG extends VSAT connectivity for five years

Seismic survey vessel operator CGG has extended its VSAT contract with Marlink for a further five years for broadband data 19987_banner (1)and voice communications, and crew welfare. CGG operates a fleet of ships to provide different seismic survey methods to oil exploration companies. It can offer broadband solutions, narrow, wide and full-azimuth towed-streamer exploration, and 4D seismic surveys. CGG uses the ship’s satellite communications to transfer survey data, as well as online services, voice and video over IP, vessel operations information, and crew social networking.

Marlink upgraded its customised Sealink VSAT systems on CGG’s vessels to utilise iDirect networks, X7 modems, and dual C-/Ku-band antennas. This further enabled the shipowner to utilise its connectivity for smart client, business and crew operations. This leads to reduced operational costs, while increasing crew and client connectivity and supporting compliance for safety processes and regulations.

CGG’s ships each have at least two VSAT antennas on board to prevent blockages to satellite connectivity. They either have dual C-band terminals, or dual C-/Ku-band antennas that switch seamlessly between frequency bands. There is also full redundancy in the below-deck equipment including two X7 modems and dual Cisco routers and switches. Marlink has also established multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) terrestrial integration to ensure a high-quality connection to the CGG onshore office network in addition to public IP and DataManager web compression and filtering services for the crew online networks.

“The combination of the customised network architecture with iDirect is a real game-changer for CGG from both a business and welfare perspective,” said CGG global IT manager for the marine business Mark Cassellis. “All crew on board CGG vessels can use shore-like connection speeds for leisure, social networking and banking.”

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