Lepton Global’s Block Network Model Answers Call for Flexible Satellite Service

Lepton Global’s Block Network Model Answers Call for Flexible Satellite Service

bd18450bbaf6982d06b393fc2b04​​Lepton Global Solutions, a leading provider of customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions, is redefining the commercial satellite communications service model with the announcement of its Block Network.

The Block Network model allows customers to pre-purchase “blocks” of service, or one month allocations, with coverage over individual regions or COCOMs at pre-negotiated prices. Once blocks have been purchased, users can request option files with 48 hours’ notice for any region in the world in which a block has been purchased. While the concept is simple, the block network removes major obstacles to ensuring a communications capability for signal officers while saving immensely on time and costs.

“With the block model, leadership rests assured that VSAT service will be available globally on short notice, yet they will only pay for what they need,” explained former Marine tactical communications operator and NOC Manager Brad Browning. “Prior to a deployment or service requirement, customers simply call the Lepton Network Operations Center and service is immediately provisioned.”

To date, Lepton has sold over 100 blocks of global service to  DoD units on its iDirect Managed Services network. Blocks have been purchased in CONUS for training, as well as in SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, PACOM, and AFRICOM for operational needs. Using deployable VSAT equipment, customers leverage the block network for short forward deployments, overseas training exercises, and months-long steady-state usage. In enabling customers to pay for service in month-long blocks, rather than on a longer-term basis, Lepton estimates that customers recognize, on average, a 65% cost savings. By using Lepton’s streamlined procurement path, the only step block network customers must take when satellite services are required in-country is to place a phone call to the Lepton 24×7 NOC. All budget, procurement, and preemption obstacles have been removed, enabling customers to focus on their missions

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