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In the latest Worldwide reports (April 2015), Trends driving spending on the military communications sector will be underpinned by network-centric IP-based communications across radios, communications satellites, VSAT terminals, data links, networks and other systems. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service series of forecasts, outline global defense expenditure trends segmented on a regional basis before breaking out the expected spend on military communications incorporating systems, hardware, support and related services including military radios and satellite terminals, across the land, air and naval domains.

  • North America will be the largest regional end market, but will be superseded from 2016 onward by demand from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Land-based communications will represent the largest market both in dollar terms as well as in terms of total shipments.

Strategy Analytic Global Military Communications Market Forecast: 2014 – 2024 outlines analysis looking at the total communications sector comprising radios, communications satellites, VSAT terminals, data links, networks and other systems. The associated Global Military Radio Market and Technology Forecast: 2014 – 2024 and Global Military Satellite Terminal Market and Technology Forecast: 2014 – 2024 data models provide a deeper dive into system shipments segmented across various platforms and the associated market for electronic components.

VSAT technology has proven to be an indispensable tool for command and control because it allows real-time voice, video and data transmission without communications infrastructure or line-of-sight positioning for fixed and on-the-move applications.

VSAT, which is small satellite dishes, have proven to be lifesavers in battle zones, particularly for logisticians who can use the technology to transmit information rather than having to join a convoy to carry and deliver a re-supply order in person.

Thousands of VSAT systems that support combat operations have already been delivered to military customers around the world in the past five years, and expected number of 3,500 VSAT system to be shipped in the coming two years as well according to recent reports.

Around the world army’s are acquiring thousands more VSAT systems. in the US for example and under the five-year, $5 billion World-Wide Satellite Systems contract, the US army personnel can buy VSAT systems from 6 approved VSAT vendors. In one of the largest procurement, the US army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command is buying VSAT systems to send encrypted voice, video and imagery data.

Today’s military operations are evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. Deployed personnel and those who support them need flexible field communications solutions that can be easily tailored to changing mission profiles.

DCS Telecom operates one of the world’s most advanced satellite network for remote communications, offering reliable end-to-end solutions to connect military operations anywhere on Earth. Government and military users can depend on DCS Telecom for every aspect of a solution, including satellite bandwidth, secure earth station teleport services, on-site remote antenna systems, terrestrial interconnects and systems integration. We currently provides Tens of Mbps on multiple satellites worldwide in support of governments needs around the globe.

DCS Telecom is committed and dedicated to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that can keep pace with changing operational requirements for defense missions.

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