SCPC Point-to-Point service

SCPC Solutions

 Single channel per carrier (SCPC) refers to using a single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. Most often, this is used on broadcast satellites to indicate that radio stations are not multiplexed as subcarriers onto a single video carrier, but instead independently share a transponder. It may also be used to provide internet and transmit data.

In other words an SCPC system, satellite bandwidth is dedicated to a single source.

 Why would SCPC benefit you?

The main advantage of SCPC is that it is a dedicated system, meaning that the bandwidth will not be shared with anyone else. Other advantages include:

  • Simple and reliable technology
  • Low-cost equipment
  • Any bandwidth (up to a full transponder)
  • Easy to add additional receive sites (earth stations)

 Types of SCPC System


This service offers pure point-to-point dedicated internet connectivity. This service not only enables the single user connectivity with the Earth Station, but also maximizes security as there are added users on the same service.


The forward (downstream) channel takes advantage of the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) multiplex – a very high speed data stream containing data packets from a number of individual smaller data streams. The return channel (upstream) works on the basis of the more classical SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier). Unlike SCPC/SCPC, this solution enables connectivity based on the allocated bandwidth from a large pool of bandwidths; hence the connectivity will be based on a dynamic SCPC rather than a point to point.

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