VSAT for Backup

For a reliable connectivity and better SLA for your firm Internet access and specially across multiple worldwide sites, DCS TELECOM has developed a unique VSAT service for Backup your network(s) connection(s). Our solution provide cost-effective symmetric satellite Broadband and/or Dedicated connection which we provide Worldwide.

Our solutions enable you fully and seamlessly backup your connections by providing a Cold or Hot Backup solution.

  • Cold Backup provide you with VSAT system that can be function (enabled) when you contact us for activation and this is done 24/7 and within 1 hour time frame.
  • Hot Backup is much simple and much more rich with features. with this solutions (Hot Backup) you can have:
    • An option of Broadband or Dedicated backup service running 24/7 and pay only for your usage of GB!
    • Speed packages from 2Mbps Download / 512Kbps Upload and up-to 22Mbps Download / 7Mbps Upload!
    • GBP4 Option for your fail-over public IP’s.
    • KU or KA Band options available.
    • You can use it on Fixed VSAT, Auto-deploy, COTM, or Maritime.

We tailored the solution to best suite your needs through a variety of link architectures.

Now, what benefits you get with our solutions:

  • Cost-effective worldwide satellite coverage backup.
  • No One month deposit required.
  • Direct VSAT link to Europe fiber exchange.
  • Ability to increase the Bandwidth to your requirement.*
  • Back-up of all terrestrial networks
  • ISP access availability.

* For a contract period as low as 3 months with one month deposit.

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